About ROFR

Ring Of Fire Records is a German based DIY Record Label founded in late 2009 and with a first release in february 2010.

The label is specialized in analog vinyl records and tries to give every release the sublime package that it deserves.

There exist no musical boundaries for ROFR. To say it with the words of Bradley Nowell: "Good music is good music and that should be enough for everybody!" We don't even care about the popularity or the provenance of a band or musician, if we like it we'll do it. Often we release a record in co-operation with another label to keep the costs low and because we see "our" way of music biz as a collective and not as a competition.

Everyone who wants should feel free to get in touch with us, whether you are an artist, a silkscreen printer, a photographer, you own a record shop, etc.  ...or you just want to say "Hi"!

Take care!