Argyle Goolsby - In Votive Light

Fightball - Voices

Sparrow Falls - Shipburner

Dr. Ring Ding - Dancing With The Fat Man's Lady

EBMTS - Ein Lied für Dich

Jaya The Cat - Test Pressing (Making Of)

Jaya The Cat - Here Come The Drums

Neon Bone - All They Wanna Be

Graveyard Johnnys - Cherylene

Neon Bone - Is It The Truth

 The Koffin Kats - The Way Of The Road

Nerd Academy - Never Ever

Jaya The Cat - Closing Time

Venerea - Calling Card

Rampires - Bloodbath Lovers

El Bosso Meets The Skadiolas - Im schönen Münsterland (live)