Freitag, 8. November 2013

Koffin Kats - Born Of The Motor CD / LP OUT NOW!

Some nice colors for your christmas tree :)


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    1. Hey, this first edition of 500 copies is a wild mix. I didn't count them all yet, but the most records are in kinda purple marble vinyl and the rare ones are in green, red and blue.

    2. OK, thanks for your quick answer.
      But it would be nice to know the proper pressing quantities for each color, only for the Discogs release entry.
      Especially because there are 15 different colors in the picture for a edition of 500 copies.
      That turns the rare ones into very rare ones.

    3. purple marble = 190
      red = 90
      green clear = 60
      brown marble = 55
      blue clear = 50
      blue marble = 30
      green neon = 20
      grey marble = 20
      green marble = 15

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  3. Once again thanks for your answer and the information about the pressing quantities.
    The only two things are now, this would mean there was a total amount of 530 copies made and not 500 copies & there are not 15 different colors like in the picture.
    Besides that, I am happy with my red copy :)